Just got a call from this number and immediately called it back and got a recording that said the number had been disconnected. Strange?!?!?
 May 12th, 2012
This is another number that calls my Verizon
cell phone 2 times per day. The recording says
it's some sort of political attitude poll. Very annoying
I wish they would go away. The call as late as
 Apr 19th, 2012
Recording says they are a Pennsylvania political opinion poll
 Mar 31st, 2012
They call multiple times a day.
 Mar 10th, 2012
Sure, Sara, the DNC is useless and it's all the President's fault. That must be why my phones have been 98% free of sales calls since we registered nine years ago. That must explain all the civil actions from the FTC shutting down violators in the past few years.

Nothing but ignorance and laziness explains not comprehending the rules *you agreed to* when you registered. The following URL links to the FTC FAQ page which the DNC site *twice* coaxed you to read. See items 28 through 32 in particular.

 Feb 03rd, 2012
The DNC list has not worked since Obama took office. The top 5 in the FCC were found in 2009 to be watching porn on their computers 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Could be the reason. No publicity as to what happened to the 5...probably still there drawing $132,00.00 each. When I tell telemarkers I am on the DNC list they just laugh and say it is no longer effective. I believe them.
 Feb 03rd, 2012
You can contact the wife of the CEO of the company, Jennifer Flaherty, and personally get her to take you off their lists—that is what I did. You can reach her directly at 303-927-7936.
 Oct 14th, 2010
I found the website and found a page that you can request to be taken off their list. I hope it works!
 Sep 09th, 2010
Said WASHINGTON DC on the Caller ID. Tape machine picked it up - no message left. Called back the number, nothing happened.
 Sep 08th, 2010
You can call the number back and press 1 to be taken off the list.
 Aug 31st, 2010
They called twice this evening during our dinner time. It's the second day they have called us. Answered the first time and got a recorded message about an opinion poll. We hung up. Tonight we didn't answer.
jcr Seattle
 Aug 31st, 2010
Automated political survey. I am sick and tired of receiving political phone calls automated or otherwise!! There ought to be a law against this crap. Wonder how these politicians would feel about getting called at home?
 Aug 31st, 2010
I just don't answer!!
 Aug 27th, 2010
I put in a request for a quote with moving companies... I think that is where they got my name. Don't put your phone number in any thing on line!!! you will be sorry...
 Aug 27th, 2010
Opion Poll... they will not stop calling
 Aug 27th, 2010
Golly, isn't that interesting: Magellan Strategies website says their CEO is named David Flaherty, who resides in Broomfield, Co. with his wifey, Jennifer.
And they're listed!!
I called a ultra-conservative preacher based in Bothell, Washington, a few years ago. He REALLY didn't like getting calls at home!!!
 Aug 27th, 2010
I really don't give a "go forth and multiply yourself" about the poll. If I don't speak or let the machine pick up, they don't talk. IF I'm playing a noisy game on the computer when I answer the phone, then they think somebody is talking and the auto call talks to my FarmVille on FB :) It is kind of funny listing to the pigs oinks and hearing a robocall says press 5 or 4 or whatever LOL
 Aug 27th, 2010
Whatever happened to the DO NOT CALL Register???
 Aug 27th, 2010
Called at dinner time. ID said Washington, DC, so answered it. When I heard that it was an automated message about taking a survey, I hung up.
 Aug 27th, 2010
Called at 5:39PM MST and again at 6:29PM. No message left.
 Aug 24th, 2010
After not answering calls that came around dinner time for weeks, I found it was coming from this number, which is Global Crossing Telemanagement. But then I decided to answer the call. A recorded message said it was coming from Magellen Strategies (www.magellanstrategies.com/), a republican polling company based on Colorado. Apparently Global Crossing Telemanagement is just so messenger.

Magellen offers a "Contact Us" form on their Web site where you can opt out of their calls. But if you'd like to harrass them as they are harrassing us, their number is 303-861-8585. The CEO is David Flaherty
 Aug 24th, 2010
202 is a new jersey area code wtf
 Aug 22nd, 2010
I am on the do not call list. This is the 5th time they called. I didn't answer and they don't leave a message. DNC list does not STOP these calls...so what does the DNC do?????????????????????//
 Aug 20th, 2010
So-called poll, with questions too ridiculously biased to produce any meaningful or credible results. They'd better not try to pawn this off as a respectable opinion-gathering effort. Would really like to reach these jerks, and make sure they don't get away with representing this as anything other than extremely biased, unreliable crap.
MSC Dallas TX
 Aug 20th, 2010
I am on the do not call list. This is the second time they called. I didn't answer and they don't leave a message.
 Aug 20th, 2010
my opinion is that I do not appreciate being plagued by these types of annoying phone calls - especially right as I'm trying to get dinner cooked for my family
 Aug 19th, 2010
With most robo-calls you can say "Repeat" and the question will be repeated, you can hold the robo-call on the line for 5 times longer that way and help keep it from bothering others for a little bit. This assumes you're not getting heavy charges for this.
 Aug 18th, 2010
Opinion Poll Political - Heavy Republican biased leading questions and position of answers.. Crap
 Aug 16th, 2010
Received a call from Washington DC. No answer after saying hello a few times.
 Aug 12th, 2010
"Hello! This is David of Magellan Strategy, a marketing research firm, conducting a quick survey..."

"Hello! This is David of Shut the %^# Up and Leave Me Alone, you animatronic @$$#*!E"
David S.
 Aug 06th, 2010
Didn't answer
 Jul 29th, 2010

Went to the website: GlobalCrossing.com and got all the email addresses from as many locations and executives that were listed and sent an email to every single one of them with the subject STOP THE CALLS!!!

Be sure to include your phone number - I'm not getting any more calls and it's now been 6 days!

Caller: Global Crossing
Call Type: Political Call
 Jul 28th, 2010
Claimed to be a poll. First question asked what political party I was registered for. When I gave my answer (d) they said thank you and said the survey would not continue.
 Jul 20th, 2010
Missed call, no message
 Jul 08th, 2010
This call happened 2 times this evening, I pick up they disconnect. It's so quick that it doesn't register as an answered call so I can put it on Block.
 Jun 29th, 2010
called twice in 15 minutes no message
will not answer
 Jun 05th, 2010
This is at least the 2nd call. There's no way to get out of it.
Hello! This is David of Magellan Strategy a marketing research firm, conducting a quick survey blah blah blah...press 1,2,3,4 depending on which party your registered with...
I didn't need the phone, so I just left it off-hook. The message kept repeating... If Obama wasn't in office I'd still have a job and no time for this. 99+ weeks of free Obama money!!!
 May 27th, 2010
I picked up the phone but said nothing. Lots of dead air, then the usual hang up with "If you'd like to make a call, blah blah blah"
 May 14th, 2010
It is not who you really think is calling and what difference would anyone's opinion count for now?The damage is done.I have a Opinion and that is to leave me a lone as I am on the Registry of Do Not Call,so you see the So called "white house" does not care for either you or i.Or any other laws that do not pertain to them,only to support them and anything they can get away with.
 Apr 28th, 2010
It was a biased poll in favor of the republican jerk running for state senate. I told them that I would vote Democratic no matter what to prevent another 4yrs like we had with Bush the Stupid.
 Apr 01st, 2010
as an afterthought, if someone is unlucky to actually be on the line one of these times when I answer my phone, I'm going to use my outside voice as I tell them where to stick it!
 Jan 04th, 2010
just received a call from this number but no one answered when I picked up. I tried to call back several times; however, no one answered after at least 30 rings.
Perry Broxton
 Jan 04th, 2010
Calling numbers on the no call list!!!!!! Stop calling my cell phone AND my home phone!
 Dec 18th, 2009
Please take me off any 303 area code off your list!
 Dec 01st, 2009
Seems like a push poll to me. Super-biased questions about King Co. Executive. Depending on how you answered it asked terrible questions about either Dow Constantine or Susan Huthcison. Can't be a real poll, given the bias of the questions.
 Oct 20th, 2009
Someone conducting "a very short opinion poll". Nope. Think not. Pushed lots of buttons until I got disconnected.
 Oct 20th, 2009
Did not answer. Folks called twice and did not leave a message.
 Apr 20th, 2009
Got 2 of these stinking calls today. I refuse to answer. :-p
 Feb 23rd, 2009
Washington, DC

Global Crossing Telemanagement

Dead silence from their end, two calls today...
 Feb 23rd, 2009
Questions about Senate race, Obama's replacement. Thank the Lord, Change Has COME! The Moose is back in Alaska and Grand Dad is at Retirement Village in AZ! Mayflower on it's way to the the White House! WOO-HOO!!!
 Nov 11th, 2008
Lets hope McCain wins, and the other one can leave this country alone.
 Oct 19th, 2008
Another one added to PhoneTray Free.
 Oct 14th, 2008
These scumbags call several times a day - probably friends of that idiot George Dubya!
 Oct 12th, 2008
Opinion poll on who our future president may be. If answering it would stop OBAMA from winning...then it would be worth answering the phone over. The calls will cease after November.
 Oct 08th, 2008
i refuse to answer it knowing it is only meaningless politics by delusional people who think calling me is a good use of the time i have left of my life.
 Sep 24th, 2008