Re: 443-390-1400: Have had sudden spike in unwanted calls that result in hang-ups. These originate from various numbers/nodes, but according to reports online for reverse look-up information, they are from the same source. I picked up the phone tonight and played along. I finally asked politely to be removed from their calling list because my number is registered as a "do not call" number. The line went dead in mid-sentence. Voice sounded like a bad connection. Indian or Pakistani would be my guess as to ethnicity of caller. Have seen numerous reports from other people that confirm this information. I will post the various other numbers here, and separately: REMEMBER: Do your part and report these vermin at:

Other offending numbers:
303-974-1805 ID: CI
202-747-7385 ID: CI
443-390-1500 ID: UNKNOWN NAME
201-257-4829 ID: CI
410-774-8401 ID: CI
Spam Fighter
 Jul 02nd, 2009
many calls showing CI - different numbers and two area codes.
Deidre Lee
 Mar 31st, 2009
These are only a few of the unknown caller numbers: 1-866-626-4351,1-866-674-3338, 1-866-856-6712,1-281-520-3775,1-917-210-4615,1-303-974-1805, 1-323-330-1435, 1-443-390-1500,1-734-647-0000, 1-269-768-2492,
1-727-344-6293, 1-410-744-8401,1-202-747-7385, 1-201-257-4829.
There is a buzzing sound left on the recorder every day,even though I Block-Out many of the calls. Sometimes,the Operator ask them to try their call again. They just leave a buzzing sound,no message.
I got the Reven Media name on the web, No Name is ever shown.
This kind of calling needs to Stop. The telephone company knows about the calls,the police need to call them.
 Jan 30th, 2009