My stepdaughter recieved a horrible phone call from the "Federal Fraud Unit" in Washington DC. They were looking for her mother for fraud committed against the state of Nevada. I called the number back from the caller ID and the man started screaming at me, accusing me of being the person they were looking for. I hung up and he then called me immediately back and I told him not to harrass my stepdaughter anymore and hung up. He immediately called again and I yelled for him not to call again. Then I looked up the phone # 202-747-1797 on the internet and found it to be a huge scam. If he calls again I will turn the number into the FTC as my number is on the Do Not Call List. THEY ARE MEAN ASSHOLES!
 Jun 13th, 2013
Do not respond to these crooks they break the law at every turn with empty threats block them an report them to the BBB...
fed up
 Jun 06th, 2013
Be aware of a company called S&P Law Group using phone number 202-652-2430. These folks are complete SCAMMERS! Educate yourself. Look them up online. BBB has several articles on them. They are not a legit company. They are scamming people by using threat, arrest, etc. They will call everyone you know and try to get them to pay for you to avoid jail. Educate yourself - you cannot be jailed and no legit company would threaten this. They refuse to give address, etc. Ask them to verify stuff and they hang up on you never call again and start calling family. Very scary but they can only SCAM people who are uneducated enough to fall for it. They made the mistake of calling me who has no debt. They were very clever and smart though so if you are in debt, you would believe them. BEWARE! Call your local police, BBB, FTC, etc. We can fight back.
Exposing SP Law
 Jun 05th, 2013
NFIA fraud investigation. Fake debt collector.
 May 29th, 2013