They called offering me a consumer loan for $1,500.00 . All I had to do was put $170.00 on a green dot Money Pak card. I had filled out all the information in an unline application of a loan. I did as they ask, the gave me a code as for my Money Pak card number and said they would call me back in 45 minutes. I never heard from them again. I tried calling serveral times and it rang once and then all I got was a busy signal. I then called the MoneyPak company and of course the $170.00 was taken off the card and there was never a call back from them. And what makes matters worse is I was expecting them to put a $1,500.00 deposited into my checking account which was a consumer loan and never received it either. This was a total scam and they stole $170.00 of my money. I was stupid but no more, I filed a complaint with the MonePak company and will be filing a police report tomorrow as MoneyPak directed me to do. PLEASE BEWARE OF PEOPLE CALLING . I NOW HAVE NO MONEY AND AM OUT $170.00 . i AM DISABLED AND REALLY COULD NOT AFFORD IT.
 Sep 16th, 2013