I got a call from this male with a strong foriegn accent who told me that the government had chosenr me to receive a grant of $9200.00, for paying my bills on time, not having filed bankruptcy in the past and not having any criminal record. He gave me all of my info. My name, address and phone number, all which came out of a phone book. I was given three options for how this money would be paid to me. He then gave me an I'D number and his phone number which he made me repeat to him and then hung up on me after telling me this was a once in a lifetime offer. I did not return his call since I wanted more info. On him before or if I returned this very weird call. I am on the Federal Do Not Call list and have a non listed phone number. Maybe I threw away my "gift horse", but anything that looks too good to be real, probably is!
 Feb 10th, 2014