I recieved a call from Clinton Montgomery stating there was a warrant out for my arrest and the Sheriff would be at my house in 1 hour if I didn't pay him $1300 immediately for a debt from 2009. I asked for details on the debt and he stated I had plenty of time to go over the details with the collections people before it his desk. I have lived in the same house and had the same phone number since 1998 so I assume no one was actually looking for me. Oddly I started receiving calls from an officer Graham who sounded just like Clinton, and then a Ms. Stone who also sounded just like clinton, and when I called Clinton back in Washington DC... officer Graham from my local Sheriff office answered the phone. Huge scam, and not very well executed. In the words of Clinton, Ms. Stone and Officer Graham... Conduct yourself accordingly and good luck to you.
 Jun 27th, 2013
Received a phone call saying pay them 510.00 by end of day or A warrant will go out for my arrest. He said his name is Clinton husband asked where he was calling from he said Washington Dc,but when my husband asked what state he was calling from in Washington he did not know.
 Jun 25th, 2013