Call from this no. Stating I owed money to impact cash 364.50 By 3pm or the California pprosecutors office would have me taken to court for fraud, theft by deception, and wiring fraud.
milie 73
 Oct 15th, 2013
This number is a scam. A Mallory Thorton called, said I owe $650 for a payday loan unpaid and if I did not pay by 4pm 3 felony warrants would be issued against me from the state of Washington. When I called back to get verification, Mallory was not in the office, a guy answered her line and stated that there was no way to verify it. Mallory had said that I had to pay over the phone at the time of the call, the guy who answered said we do not take money over the phone, we are the investigators. Either way, their stories were not making sense, I typed in their company name "Fraud Worthless Check Division of the State of Washington" and similar number popped up said the exact same thing and that it is fraud.
Please- do not let them take money from you!
 May 31st, 2013