I cannot belive this call, I did not answer I called back and told them never to call again and the response was very ugly and I did ask if they had lost their mind, then I disconnected quick and called my cell phone provided who suggested I get on do not call list, how stupid are these people we can check on them fast thanks to this web site I was able to confirm what I already suspected, fraud written all over it
 Jul 30th, 2014
Scam artist said we are receiving a grant from DCS and that he needed a $320 transfer fee to send money. He gives a fake tracking code and info but it is a scam
 Apr 14th, 2014
This person called me with an Indian Voice and asked me my name and address and told me he had a $1000 Grant for me, and I told him someone gave my number away online and I said I wasn't interested and he began to repeat himself. When I told him I didn't want his services again he said "Okay mother fucker" and then I said what was that? And he then followed bu saying to me "Burn in hell mother fucker". This is pushing it to far, and they won't stop calling me/harassing me. Please Do something about this.
James R
 Apr 03rd, 2014
i had word with them n they given me the details...they said pay your first month installment because your credit score is low..i paid that amount .. after that i recived my amount..thank to international finance corporation.
henry davis
 Jan 31st, 2014
Offered me a loan for $5000. I would never have to pay this back. He will make the loan under someone else's name. All I would have to do when I receive the check is send him a check in return for $2500. "No one will be the wiser" he says. When he initially called, I told him no and asked him to remove my number. HE persisted and I hung up on him. He called me back. I became a bit angry and hung up again. No call back so far.
S. Little
 Jul 25th, 2013
i received call from this number and i got the loan and they were very helpful towards me
ron holton
 Jul 13th, 2013