3 calls today from this number on caller ID. Messages left twice saying I am under a warrant for arrest by the FBI. This is apparently follow-up on a scourge of scam emails from the Benin Republic asking for me to send money for customs fees, which would release billions of dollars to me, I forget the reason for this largess. They really are persistent. They've come down in price on the fees, first it was $97, then $87, then $65 and the last one was $47. Then they tried to spoof the FBI and said I would be arrested unless I coughed up the fee and basically jailed forever. Now this number is calling my phone. Or was, I blocked it. Most of their emails are filtered directly to my junk folder so I never see them but a few are bcc'd to me instead of directly addressed (??) and they end up in my bcc folder. Anyway they are good for a laugh once in awhile, like when they asked me to please confirm if I was dead. Seriously.
 Sep 04th, 2015