Received a call from 202-506-1967, a number that you cannot call back to. Spoke with someone with a strong dialect from the India region that said the US Gov't Grant Department was giving away money to 1,700 people with good credit, no bankruptcies, no criminal records. I was chosen to receive $9,000 of this tax free money. I could receive the money via direct deposit, credit card or cash - asked me how I preferred to receive the money. The money was to be put to good use and could not be used for things such as g***ling, etc.
This individual provided me with my name, half the name of the place in which I live. I was suspicious because he could not pronounce the name of the 10th largest city in the USA. The individual then says you're 40 something, right? I also noticed a lot of chatter in the background - sounded like a legitimate place of business because of all the chatter.
As the call comes to an end, this individual gives me 202-697-9564 number to call back to.
 Nov 28th, 2013