I've done a little Internet research, and it looks like this is yet another one of those firms that purports to be a legitimate polling firm, but is actually a front for identity theft or another scam.

If the firm were legit, it wouldn't be making calls from a wireless number. They're probably spoofing numbers, too.

There's no way to stop them from calling. Picking up the call lets them know they've got a "live" number, even if you hang up on them. Simply don't pick up the calls, and they'll leave you alone for a while--till they switch numbers again, and you pop up in their calling queue.

How'd they get your number? They're using voice over internet services, and having computers do all of the dialing at random. If you pick up a call, you'll get routed to a phone rep, unless all of the reps are busy.

This is just one of the annoyances of life, and not worth having a heart attack over.

Polling firms aren't covered by the Do Not Call List, so fraudulent firms claim to be pollsters to get around the rules.

The only way to entirely avoid these calls is to stop using a phone altogether.
 Jul 31st, 2012