I receive calls from this number everyday..He called me three times yesterday after me telling him do not call me anymore.4/30/16 He has already called me again today 5/1/16 and I expect more today...Someone needs to do something about this phone harrassment...
 May 01st, 2016
This number also changes to different ones but all are from the 202 area code Washington. Different names and males call it every day all day and after hours. It is a SCAM to try to get money using Veteran's as people always support Veteran's, so these SCAMMER'S use it to get you to give them money. The one that called tonight said he was Joel Collins. Such BullCrap. Another one before gave another name and I told him he was a scammer and to go to hell and he busted out laughing. Don't fall for this crap people.When they fail at this attempt to get money then they try another thing and start all over again.Last time they tried using the State Police and Fallen Officers which the news even mentioned it was a SCAM as they do not do this stuff. Attorney general office only puts you on a do not call list which these scammer's still can bypass and harass people all the time. Not very good help from them.
 Apr 27th, 2016
Called and said he was taking survey on boner size. I told him mine is 19.5". He said, "Oh, my!" Then he hung up.
Long dong in a thong
 Apr 24th, 2016