They call repeatedly and there is no one there. They call almost 3-4 tomes weekly, even on Sundays. There is no way to get removed. I am on the do n ot call list.
Sharon Grand
 May 22nd, 2013
I'm on the do not call list but keep getting calls from 202-688-0627, 202-688-0811, 202-350-3492. I never answer and they seem to never stop calling.
 Mar 11th, 2013
A scammer that will not leave a message. Just don't answer.
Will Sterr
 Feb 11th, 2013
I know when it's 9 am without looking at the clock. They start calling then and call 3-4 times a day. We are on the Do Not Call List, but this doesn't seem to stop them. Very annoying. Looked up with reverse # look up, they make over $368,000 a year, why don't they donate?
 Jan 15th, 2013
I googled AICR...It says it is the American Institute for Cancer Research...Looking for donations, I suppose...
Jack C.
 Jan 11th, 2013
I have been getting calls at all hours from the same area code but with different numbers for weeks now. Here are the numbers from 1/3/13 and 1/4/13: 202-688-0811, 202-350-3492, 202-350-4661. The caller ID shows AICR as who is calling. They call repeatedly and always hang up as soon as the answering machine picks up. If it is so important to call ALL the time they should leave a message.
 Jan 04th, 2013
See they are calling on numerous numbers hoping I'll pick up: 202 area code each time; numbers 688-0811, 688-0627, 350-4661. Go away people, the Government has made me poor and I can't donate any more!!!
 Jan 04th, 2013
This 202 area code keeps calling, no identifier and no message. Very annoying!!
 Jan 04th, 2013