I received a call from someone claiming to be from the USCIS.
According to her, my OPT processing (work authorization) is put on hold since I supposedly have a penalty from the IRS (Indian government). Her details:
Racheal Morgan
Phone: 202 683 9428 Ext: 2048

She tells me that this penalty is $558 and I should deposit it to the Indian govt. via postal or western union money transfer. She says she sent emails and a letter to the assigned address, but I haven't received anything. The assigned address is ISSS office.
I told her to send me an email and that I would not do anything till I receive some proof of credibility from her. Besides, the Indian government is supposed to contact their citizen first and the US government later.
I am v.sure this is a hoax call, but what I don't understand is that how did she have my immigration details (Passport no., I-94 details, address, port of entry details).
 Jul 17th, 2012