Didn't answer; looks like this number hasn't been active for the past year. Watch out, they're back...
 Sep 23rd, 2011
Received a call from this number last night. Supposedly from Joe Griffo, here in NY, even though the caller ID says it came from Washington DC. Definitely a recorded message.
And, he isn't the only one whose recorded a message for these freaking auto-dialers.
I'm thinking this is from a call center, and multiple politicians record messages for the auto-dilers to harass us with.

I say that anytime a politician uses these dialers to call us, we forget about what party they represent, and instantly put them on a "Never Vote For" list. Forget about how much love you have for your party, or how much hate you have for someone else's. If an auto-dialer calls you from ANY party, DON'T vote for the person it's calling about.

These phone calls are nothing but harassment now, because it seems like ever politician is using them, so we don't get a break from our phones ringing. One person from one party would be annoying but acceptable. All of them from all parties jumping on the bandwagon is tempting me to call my attorney and file against each one.
If we stopped voting for the ones that create these idiotic automatic calls, then other politicians would get the message that we're sick of their childish "Ooo, me! ME!" attention getting behavior, and not get our phone numbers to begin with.
 Oct 26th, 2010