Some woman with a ghetttto New York accent called my cell & my work phone and I have the harassing voice mail messages to prove it. She said her name was Miss Hill on one call and Lauren Hill when my coworker asked her name. One time she told me "hold on while I pull out my law books..." She's so stupid. I reported the company, which is CFS & Associates, to the FTC. 11/16/2010
 Nov 16th, 2010
madmama: Would you like to go to court and squeeze _their_ produce? Debt buyers cannot contact your workplace once told to stop, and cannot pretend you're being garnished via judgment. Wisely you already have them on the defensive and resorting to cheap bully tactics. I would go further and obtain a _real_ judgment from the collector. You're allowed up to a grand per violation plus legal costs and possibly other damages if you can prove them. Do some FDCPA homework and good hunting ....
 Aug 10th, 2010
These people have called other extension at my workplace, asking about the company, about me and asking to be transferred to my number, after calling my direct line twice. The woman tried to sound professional and threatening, but when i kept asking her about things she previously said/told me what it was about, she backtracked and changed her story. I told her twice to STOP calling random numbers at my workplace, that it was harrassment. She was rude and claimed that she could garnish my wages. Their voicemails on my cell phone and work phone all say a "judgment has been made regarding a civil complaint filed against you". Really? Nothing has been filed. So I asked her when this was filed and she said "oh this haasn't been filed yet." I asked if her company had notified me my mail and she said no. I said well why don't you do that then, and I'll look at this problem. She called me a "smart alec" and told me i had no intention of paying my debt back. I said well, you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. She was a complete B*&T#$.
 Aug 10th, 2010