Got scammed. over 2k. Internet sale with stolen card. Look out for other numbers 301-377-8804 too. States name is sherry. Item delivered to 2311 Ainger Place se washington DC and signed for. they will block your number. we'll get them.
New Jersey
 Oct 13th, 2015
Scam to get credit card info and run fraudulent charges while you are on the phone. They say that a previous charge for an ad run in the L.A. Times did not go through and they need a new payment authorization. I fell for the scam and they ran 2 charges right away but my bank (Capitol one) caught them and blocked the card. I called Cap One and they explained the fraud charges ($1085.00 and $606.00) that they tried to run. DONT give out your Credit card info to incoming calls......ever!!!!
David (sucker)
 Sep 15th, 2015