Yes got the same call only Indiana accents. Said I won a good citizen grant and gave me a phone number 202-657-6959 and some kind of code for the claim. Did not call the number checked it out online. The government will not charge you to have grant money or anyother amount of moeny they think you may have coming. They are not that cheap yet.
Charles Mumaugh
 Feb 26th, 2014
A private number called. They told us we had been approved for a $9,000 government grant. They already had our names, phone number, city, and state. We did not give them any more information. They told us what the grant could and could not be use for. They asked us what we would use the grant for. The gave us a grant number and the 202-657-6959 number to call. We called that number and they wanted our checking or savings account number. We told them we do not give out that information, They told us this was our money and we could get it by money gram or western union for $250. We told them we suspected they were a scam. They said this is our money and tried to keep us on line. We hung up. All people we spoke to had an Asian accent, they could not properly say our names or understand what we said without repeating our questions.
 Feb 21st, 2014