do not give this group money they are scam and spend more money on getting more money than they provide for actual research
 Apr 11th, 2010
Daily calls....twice to three times daily
 Mar 31st, 2010
I get calls from this number at least once or wice a day. I have caller ID so I do not answer. I am on the DO NOT CALL list and I would like these calls stopped.
Evelyn Welsh
 Mar 21st, 2010
everyday they call and hang up, filed numerous complaints but they still call
 Mar 02nd, 2010
American Institute for Cancer Research - yet another place that labels themselves a charity yet spends little of the money on actual research. This is one of the all too familiar groups that want you to pester your neighbors by mailing donation requests, collecting them yourself, and turning the money into them. While they do officially have an opt out policy, good luck getting removed from their phone list. Track calls after opting out and report the continued calls to your states attorney general. You can check out charities at www.charitynavigator.org which grades charities, breaks down their program expenses and even shows you the salary of the organizations leaders. This "charity" has a 1-star rating...the websites lowest available grade.
 Mar 01st, 2010
I have been receiving calls from AICR. There are 3 different numbers calling mine.The caller ID shows AICR on all calls.
2-17-2010 1:55PM call from 202-461-3451
2-18-2010 9:10AM call from 202-461-3452
2-19-2010 10:23AMcall from 202-652-4597

I did not answer on the first two calls. No messages left. On last call when I answered fellow said he was calling for Cancer (I don't recall his exact words.) Wanted to send me 20 envelopes to address and mail out requesting donations. Advised him Sorry,no, as I was getting ready for surgery. He came back with a response of "it would only take 20 minutes of your time to address 20 envelopes". With that commant I hung up on him. Guess these idiots don't understand what the word "NO" means. I donate to my local Cancer Society only. Get mail from all over the United States requesting donations for a cancer society. These go in my recycable file.
 Feb 21st, 2010
I sent them an e-mail telling them if I received any more calls, I would report them to the FCC. I am receiving their calls from
1-202-652-4597. Their e-mail address is aicrwew@aicr.org. Good luck in getting them off your back.
Bob C
 Feb 07th, 2010
This call is made several times a day. No one is on the line. There might be a break of a few weeks and then it starts up again. I am on the Do Not Call List. This is very annoying--and POINTLESS!!
Peggy Mauch
 Feb 07th, 2010
They keep calling and don't stop. We answer and the line is dead - no recorded message - no nothing. This is beyond irritating.
 Feb 07th, 2010
These calls hane been coming in almost daily for close to two months. I will never answer whrn their ID shows up on my phone.
 Feb 07th, 2010
I receive phone calls from this phone number and/or other phone numbers associated with this company. Other numbers are also 800-843-8114 and 202-328-7744. When I picked up phone they hung up. If I don't answer phone there is no message. I have contacted them at the 1800 number because no one answers the 2026524597 phone. Always an answering machine. Herman, who I spoke with actually told me that they have received many complaints. He actually told me they could continue to make the calls since they do not have to honor the do not call list.
TX resident
 Aug 19th, 2008
They call 1-2 times per day. We don't answer and they never leave a message.
 Aug 14th, 2008
Dont answer
 Jul 25th, 2008
hang up
 Jul 23rd, 2008
We do not answer when this number pops up on our caller ID,usually call at least 4 times a week.
Do not know who is calling and don't care.
T edE
 Jun 29th, 2008
No one there when I answer. No messages left when I don't answer.
 May 22nd, 2008