these freaks keep calling from a different number now it is 978-485-0170, they are the same as tuscany indus, and many others. If you call the phone number back and press some numbers it will get you through to them lol PLEASE CALL BACK AND HARASS THESE PEOPLE LOL this is soooo fun and if we all do it when they call it will end have a good one
 Dec 26th, 2007
company constantly calling with no customer service representative or even an audomated system...just a hang up every time. Even calls past 9 o'clock p.m. Isn't thins harassment???
nichole cruz
 Nov 06th, 2007
After 9PM they get the quick disconnect.
Not Home
 Oct 27th, 2007
this is yet another offshore front for that cheesy car warranty scam that seems to be calling me 2-3 times a week from different numbers
 Oct 27th, 2007
"Happy Buyer" and "Proud Buyer" are obviously shills! These people call us almost daily from 202-652-2650. I don't understand what their game is. If you press the option to be taken off of the list they ignore it. If you take the option to talk to them they hang up on you! I wasn't rude or angry at all. The person on the other end said something in a very heavy accent, I said "pardon?" and they hung up. As for the comment from "Proud Buyer" about all the warrantee companies having to use the same recording - its a bunch of crap! In most states autodialing is illegal. Here in the state of washington you are entitled to monetary compensation for each call! Contact your state attorney general and see what they can do...
 Oct 26th, 2007
I figured this was either a bill collector for the previous owner of this number or a telemarketer who would not have my name as this is a new UNLISTED number for me. . BUT when I asked who he was calling for HE HAD MY LAST NAME! When I asked WHERE GOT THE NUMBER (NAME,REALLY) HE HUNG UP!
 Oct 26th, 2007
They hang up if you press 1 they say press 2 to get on their no call list which is a lie! and they still call over and over. then they will call 10 minutes later from a different phone number UGH.
 Oct 25th, 2007
Huuby attended the call and it was voice msg saying last chance for car warranty
 Oct 19th, 2007