I have been called repeatedly and harassed by this company stating that my student loans are past due.
 Aug 07th, 2013
Continue to call telling me they will garnish my wages for delinquent student loan accounts. Which I don't have any delinquencies. Have left complaint for FCC and on the do not call registry. They still call me upwards to 8 times a day.
New York
 Aug 02nd, 2013
Received a calls last couple of days from this number. They never left a message. Finally answered the phone and they claimed that they were not a debt collector but were here to talk to me about my delinquent student loans. They never mentioned my name nor discussed what loans they were talking about and to top it all off I've never had a student loan. I told all this to the caller and he immediately hung up the phone. This number is a Scam, don't fall for it
 Aug 02nd, 2013
Received this call last night and didn't answer. Automated voice left message about loan forgiveness program. They called me twice today too. Annoying! and I'm on DO NOT CALL LIST.
New York
 Jul 31st, 2013
I called this number back and it is a student loan debt collector. However, we don't have any delinquent student loan debt, so I don't think that is really who this is.
 Jul 20th, 2013