This is absolutely a scam. I received a voice-mail message on 09/15/17 claiming to be from the IRS. The robot-voice message went on in broken English about claiming a lawsuit had been filed against my family by the IRS for tax fraud.
First - the IRS will never call you. Second - You will never be notified of a lawsuit by means of a robot caller. Never.
 Sep 15th, 2017
Got call from this # on 9/15/17 a recording stating this is the IRS and this is the last attempt to contact me before a Tax Fraud case is filed against me. I called back from a blocked # and a man with a heavy middle eastern accent saying this is the IRS can I help you. I hung up and googled this and found out that the IRS will not call you and there are a lot of scams and this may appear to be one of them. I called the real IRS and got the regular recording hold and trying to get me to the right department. The # listed above is a direct # to a person who answers IRS no pushing buttons or hold time. This makes me believe it is a scam.
 Sep 15th, 2017