I received a computized call mid-day today (4-23-12), to press "1" to lower interest a rate on a credit card. I pressed "1" and a scam artist came on phone and asked, "You want to lower your credit card interest rate?" I replied "NO, I want you to take our number off your call list." He paused, then said, "Hey Baby how are you.... I miss you". I asked "what?" and he repeated the same lewd message. I hung up.
 Apr 24th, 2012
no one on line
 Apr 19th, 2012
Phone rang at 10:36pm. I'm reporting them.
 Apr 18th, 2012
They called and I asked (nicely) that they please stop calling...and the jerk hung up on me! I am not answering ANY calls that look like they're from telemarketers and those that do call will be blocked!!!
 Apr 16th, 2012