Received a call that used an electronic text to voice program to leave a message claiming they were the Internal Revenue Service and that I owed back taxes. Knowing that the IRS contacts you via mail only and doesn't work nights and holiday weekends, I used a VOIP program to call them back. I called three times each time the call was answered by someone with a heavy Indian accent. The third time I played along for a while to have some fun.

I gave Edward Parker (yeah right) my fake information (I.e. the number they called me at and my first name). He said that their records did not match my returns from 2008 and that I owed $3060 in back taxes. He used the zip code information I gave him to locate a Walmatprt near me and said that the problem could only be settled in cash (no credit cards or checks. Also, they can't write to me as I'm not at home and their letters get returned and that is why I'm in such hot water). He asked if I was an a cell phone and I said I was. I was to proceed to Walmart and not mute my phone as they are recording it for evidence. I went to the bathroom, phone in hand to take my morning constitutional. Well, I was getting bored so I said that I got to Walmart sooner than I expected. He said that I was lying to him. I denied it. He insisted. I said that he was lying to me and this was fun. Let's keep doing it. He said "Please do not call again." Haha. I used auto dial to call him about 20 times before they put my number on call blocking.
Asa Buchanon
 Sep 05th, 2015