These people have called me every day, sometimes twice a day, for over four months.They call all times of the day and night, weekends. I would like for them to STOP as I do not intend to talk with them. If they have this much time to call they need to go out and collect the money themselves.
 Sep 01st, 2010
They began call several days ago. A slick dude that would not shut up, but kept on pushing you to agree to collect monies for them. A second call today was from a woman who barely spoke English and was rude and would not answer my concerns that I thought this type solicitation was inappropriate and suspicious. She hung up on me.
 Jul 08th, 2010
Have been harassed for the past 2 months. Never left message on ans. machine. Spoke to someone one day and they wanted someone to go around with letters to neighbors asking for contributions for them. The callers are AICR ~ American Institute for Cancer Research. Asked to be taken off their list.
 Sep 07th, 2009
AICR is the American Institute of Cancer Research with an aggressive and reportedly impolite fund raising program. As a charity they get a one star out of a possible four star rating. The President and VP command salaries of over $275,000 each. For a direct link to the Charity Navigator report see
 Jul 17th, 2009
Apparently the same gang that calls from 202-607-2611 (AICR) asking for handouts.
Sneaky to use cell phone...
 Apr 11th, 2009
Also meant to say that you can also call the charity directly, usually you can find the number on the website. call them and ask to be removed. You'll have to give you name/address info so they can find you, but it seems to work.
 Mar 23rd, 2009
AICR is a charity, so the DNC list does not apply, as with all charities. Best thing to do, I've found, is to either talk to the person who calls and clearly and firmly ask that your name is removed from their list, and that you are never called again. They are supposed to honor that direct request.
 Mar 23rd, 2009
These people use 202-607-2615, 202-607-2601, 202-607-2603, 202-607-2611!! I'm sure there are more numbers because they call almost every day and it has been going on for weeks. This has got to stop!! I registered a complain with the Do Not Call Registry! Their site for complaints is: Maybe if enough people complain they will do something.

I've heard this place isn't a not for profit. They harass many people all the time and is a scam.
 Feb 28th, 2009
This one started calling twice a day
 Feb 25th, 2009
gave the clown a piece of my mind and entered a compliant to Do Not Call.
no pushover
 Feb 25th, 2009
Very tired of calls from whomever. We are on no call list and will be filing a complaint. Hope they have to pay the penalty.
 Feb 22nd, 2009
Several calls a day. No message left on ans. mach.
 Feb 05th, 2009
Besides 202-607-2611, also uses 202-607-2603, etc. If you want to spend your dime, call them back (maybe after hours; I did on Saturday) and press 1 for more information. Listen to the message, it will give you the option to press #3 and enter your phone# if you don't want to continue to receive their calls.
 Jan 31st, 2009
American Institute for Cancer Research. If you take the call and press "1" you then
have the option to remove your number from their list (then press "3") Then you
have to enter your number (all 10 digits) which they say they will then remove
within 30 days. I'm not sure why the Do Not Call list does not apply to them
but calls like these are VERY annoying. It's particularly annoying when they
call, you answer the phone and there's no person or message on their end.
You have to call them back and go through this nonsense.
 Jan 15th, 2009
Apparently AICR is the American Institute for Cancer Research
 Jan 14th, 2009
I guess it's from American Institute of Cancer Research. If you are on the Do Not Call list, it does not apply to them. If we get enough complaints sent to the Do Not Call people, they may be able to take away their right to call us a hundred times a week! They called us on the weekend, Sunday no less! I won't answer the phone. I think if they were smart, they would have gotten the message by now!
 Jan 12th, 2009
no message,unknown caller
 Jan 09th, 2009
They've been calling for about a month. I've now answered each call and it's a hang-up as soon as I answer.
 Jan 09th, 2009
From American Society - Over the past month Several calls came in and hung up as soon as I answered but on 1/8/09 around 7pm cst someone asked for me by my name and said that they were from the American Cancer Society, I interrupted her and told her to take me off the call list and I hung up.
 Jan 09th, 2009
Called twice within an hour.
 Jan 09th, 2009
I will continue to not answer calls with a generic ID ,probably another solicitation.
 Jan 08th, 2009
Hung up as soon as I answered.
 Jan 05th, 2009
call from 202-607-2611 called and hung up upon answering. called it back and it said to press to to not recieve calls and press three to be taken off a list. I find it strange cause as the call came in without having to look at caller i.d. i already knew it was a call from washiongton D.C.. I guess my wonderful premonitional mind works beautifully!
 Jan 03rd, 2009
I have received calls from ACIR at this number as well as 202-607-2611 and 202-607-2603. I let my answering machine take the calls but they never leave a message. They call every day.
 Jan 03rd, 2009