Another Irs scam. 3rd call I've received from them. The Irs doesNOT call people. They send a certified letter.
 Feb 25th, 2016
Left message yesterday with the same sort of message below - call or have lawyer call or bad problems... Ended with "have a blessed day." though that was odd for the IRS...
 Feb 24th, 2016
Got a call from this number in the A.M. Caller left pre-recorded message on answering machine claiming to be calling from IRS Tax Crimes Division on a matter of urgency. There was no further explanation or clarification left.
 Feb 18th, 2016
Received 2 calls today from same number, both recordings. First one ID'ed itself as IRS Fraud Center. Drop your work and call us back immediately-very serious matter. Second call said they had a warrant for my arrest to call them back immediately. I did and listened to some guy with a thick middle-east accent I.D. himself as the IRS Fraud Office. I called him a charlatan and a fraud and hung up on him....
 Feb 18th, 2016