Telemarketing Cruises or some other such shit
Marv E. Lous
 Jan 21st, 2013
I did not reach the phone in time to see who was calling. The caller did not leave a message. But I've seen this number before (on my land line), and I think it is one of the same spam/scam callers identified above. I have blocked this number form my land line, but I wish I could do so on my Verizon mobile phone too (I do not have a smart phone and don't want one.) It's bad enough to have them call my land line, but for them to waste minutes on my mobile phone is really offensive..
 Jan 18th, 2013
No voice nor response for a few seconds. Then the analog style beeps at cut off.
 Jan 18th, 2013
 Jan 17th, 2013
Just recieved a call that I didn't answer on my cell. No message was left. Just logged as a amissed call
 Jan 16th, 2013
You can download an app called Mr. Number and block the entire area code. Then it just hangs up on them.
 Jan 15th, 2013
These calls are internet based, they SPOOF a phone number , so the number displayed is not even a phone number connected to them..they could spoof ANY number, so to ask them to remove you is useless, they are illegal phone callers from the start, you think that telling them to remove you will do any good?.. No < and you cant report them because the number you have isnt even thier phone number , bacuse the caller ID is FAKE information........so what can you report, and if you do report, you are reporting a phone number that was not even involved in the call.....the only thing you can do is block them, block that specific number from calling you.....thats all....
 Jan 13th, 2013
2nd call from same group, different number this time, 1st time number was 202-316-4793, asked to take survey by automated machine for free cruise
 Jan 12th, 2013
As soon as the recording said "congratulations, you have won a trip to the Bahamas" I hung up. Is there no end to this.
 Jan 09th, 2013
I got a call from this number and it was a hangup.
 Jan 09th, 2013
i got this call a few minutes ago . they never said a word.
ruth groves
 Jan 08th, 2013