this person call said i was selected to recieved 9.000.00. i told him i knew he was a scam. i told him i work for the f.b.i. he told me he would call back. this con artist should be put in prison
 Aug 07th, 2013
I just called this telephone number back and it was a really nice guy who unfortunately has this phone number, but it isn't him and Ill tell you how and why..... they are calling from another country, the country code shows up as the area code in the US but they're really calling from somewhere in Egypt, India etc

Guy I called back sounded cuuuuuute! :D
 Jul 30th, 2013
I think is happening to a lot of people now I keep getting calls from this number everyday I let them know that I knew that this was a scam they very Ball Z I argued with one of them for a few minutes then they told me if I hung up the phone they would just keep calling me back I would like to know how we can do something about this anybody got any ideas please let me know
 Jul 02nd, 2013
Another scam.
Herbert Miller
 Apr 19th, 2013
I think this part of that federal grant fraud and scammers.. here is another report.
Brian Brewer
 Mar 30th, 2013
Woman spoke said slowly 'hello'
I ask here 'how can I help you'
after a few heavy breaths (stoned i guess)
she hung up.

sick and tired
 Mar 22nd, 2013
*hung up, not hung out.
 Mar 14th, 2013
I answered the phone gruffily with my toddler's movie blasting in the background. I cleared my throat and finally said, "Hello!". Then this person with the reported accent said something to the effect of "This is the U.S. Government Grant Department." I said, "Uh huh?" And they hung out. I think they know, ruffled, exhausted Moms aren't going to fall for their B.S. You have to chase grants, they don't chase you. I would have told them I was impressed with their ability to get phone numbers, but they need to work on a tighter line of B.S. And that the accent could undermine credibility. May want to get an American born on board.
 Mar 14th, 2013
They said the federal government was awarding me $7000, all I needed to do was call Sam Dawson with my grant number at 202-559-7648 and when he asked what I was going to do with this money and I told him I didn't know (I never applied for a grant, believed it was a scam just from the 1800-000-000 that cam up) he got very upset and finally hung up on me. When I called the number 202-559-7648 he seemed to know everything that had just happened (must be sitting next to each other, or maybe the same person with a heavy Indian accent). "Sam Dawson" told me that my grant was no longer being awarded. I wished them a good day, knowing that this is a scam of some sort.
 Oct 22nd, 2012
I was told I was being given a government grant for $7000 to spend as I wished. I was to use Grant App# RP0144. I am sure this is a scam and many are losing money to them. I would not give them any information.
 Sep 20th, 2012