28 Feb 2014

I keep getting phone calls from this idiot calling himself Robert Colvin with a heavy accent. Saying I owe the IRS money from over 5 years ago. And that they sent notification to my house in person on Christmas eve of all days! Now that I have been avoiding them they are sending the police out in an hour to arrest me and drag me to jail and cease all my assets, drivers license and everything.  He also told me the same thing yesterday. This fool has no idea how the gov't works at all. And as soon as you ask question to try and get to the bottom of the situation he hangs up the phone. DON'T GIVE THIS FOOL ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.  SUPER SCAM.

Caller: fake IRS!
 Feb 28th, 2014
This is a total scam, think operating out of India. Do not give them any information, do not send any money.
 Feb 27th, 2014