Follow-up....Apparently they have disconnected this number!
 Mar 18th, 2014
Thick Indian accent (probably from Gujarat, Maharashtra, or Bihar states of India) or Bangladeshi accent, from uneducated class the way he pronounced my name. Message similar to IRS scam. Claims his phone number is direct Hot line to IRS to resolve pending tax issues.
 Mar 11th, 2014
The Indian guy who called himself Damon Marshall left me a message saying that there was a deficiency in my tax....3 calls in 3 hours. Didn't get to talk to the lovely but found this on the IRS website. Apparently it's a new scam. Will report it the IRS and to the Federal Trade Commission. Please read the link below and report
 Mar 08th, 2014
I've been receiving numerous phone calls from the IRS. I finally called 202-506-9213 and got a man on the phone with a thick Indian accent. He stated an audit investigation was conducted on my taxes from the last 7 years and I failed to report certain tax information. Supposedly, they sent me a certified letter at the end of 01/14 and no one signed for the letter (I'm thinking, how come I did get a yellow slip from the mail man - stating that I needed to pick up the letter at the post office), so the man continues to say that I will be arrested in 1 1/2 hours and when they arrest me they will give me electric shock. He asked if I had a criminal lawyer and I stated "NO" because I did not receive any documents. I stated, I will get electric shock because I did not report wages on my taxes (would the IRS professionally say that to an American citizen (LOL). The man transfered me to someone to inquire how I can retain the documents sent to my house and this other man stated that it will arrive at my home in an hour and I needed to be there to pick it up. So, I was left with a plea of a "last chance to pay my taxes of $8,999.75". He asked me if I had this money on me, I said "Not in my pockets at this moment"...LOL. He went on to ask me if certain retailers were around me and I can stay on the phone with him as I drove to the one I choose, so I can pay for an IRS voucher - in which they only accept cash. I knew something was definitely wrong when ALL 3 of the men snickered with laughter under their breath from transfering the calls to each other. That's when I hung up the phone on these insane in the membrane clowns. As somoeone stated in there prior comment - I am still waiting to be arrested with electric shock for not reporting missing information on my taxes. Good going Washington DC finest IRS scammers!!!
 Mar 07th, 2014
You receive a phone call or paper letter via mail from an individual claiming to be the IRS but you suspect they are not an IRS employee …
Phone call:
Ask for a call back number and employee badge number.
Contact the IRS to determine if the caller is an IRS employee with a legitimate need to contact you.
If you determine the person calling you is an IRS employee with a legitimate need to contact you, call them back.
Letter or notice via paper mail:
Contact the IRS to determine if the mail is a legitimate IRS letter.
If it is a legitimate IRS letter, reply if needed.
If caller or party that sent the paper letter is not legitimate, contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1.800.366.4484.
 Mar 07th, 2014
The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email to request personal or financial information. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as text messages and social media channels.
What is phishing?
Phishing is a scam typically carried out by unsolicited email and/or websites that pose as legitimate sites and lure unsuspecting victims to provide personal and financial information.
 Mar 07th, 2014
People from this phone number called my cell phone three times and I called them back and heard I owed $6,000 from 7 years of back taxes. One of three guys I talked too breathed heavily and was a horrible liar, and said to get my documents ready and a Sheriff could be contacting me. My land line and cell phone were called frequently in the next hour. Their major mistake was to say (when I pressed to get the documents) that after payment was made they would both e-mail the documents as well mail them to my home. Well, that is not how the IRS works. IRS always mails amble printed materials and documents.
 Mar 07th, 2014
I got a woman’s voice message, which was hardly understood. I returned the call and a man told me "a lot of lawsuits against you" re: federal taxes, and a sheriff would come within 45 min. Nothing happened so far.
 Mar 07th, 2014
Absolutely hilarious call from some douchebag at this number who was almost unintelligible when using the english language, claiming that he was from the IRS and that I should not disregard the call, because there is something "illegal" in my taxes. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
 Mar 07th, 2014
Bogus IRS call from 202-506-9213. Do not give them any information. Call IRS and law enforcement.
 Mar 06th, 2014
Caller ID blocked, but leaves threatning "legal sounding" BS message with call back number of 202-506-9213. Number is a Cingular Wireless cell phone, probably a disposable.
 Mar 06th, 2014
Obvious scammer. This is a fraudulent operation. Filed complaint.
New Jersey
 Mar 06th, 2014
A guy with a very strong Indian accent called and said he's calling from IRS. He wanted to know who our attorney is. He claimed that there's an investigation case going on and we hadn't responded. He wanted us to call the IRS investigation bureau dept. at 202-506-9213 x113.
 Mar 06th, 2014