Received a call this morning 10:56am (EDT) from "Mr. Smith" of the "IRS". Mr. Smith began to question me about my '08 through '20 taxes and that I made a mistake. I suggested that perhaps the IRS was getting ahead of itself as we just filed our '14 taxes. Mr. Smith immediately became annoyed with me and said he meant '08 through '13. As a side note, I could barely understand Mr Smith as he had a very thick foreign accent.

Mr. Smith continued further by suggesting that I had made a mistake on my W4 form and that I would have to pay (could not understand what he was saying) so I asked if he meant a W2 form at which point he became very upset with me and began cursing (at least it sounded like cursing) and then hung up.

I was fascinated by the call as I assumed that the real IRS would advise by mail if there was a problem, so I decided to call the number that appeared on my caller ID. To my amazement, they actually answered the phone "Internal Revenue Service". I asked to speak with Mr Smith but the person answering the call (also with a very thick accent) said she could not connect me with Mr Smith but wanted to take my information(?). I asked to speak with a manager at which point she made some comment under her breath and hung up.

The real IRS has a department to report Imposter Scams to let's hope that ends this episode.

By the way, the number that called me was 202-499-1448

Don't fall for this scam.
K Mac
 Jun 15th, 2015