Calling all trolls.

I received a call from a "IRS" recording regarding my supposed entitlement to a 2,000+ (or -) refund amount, along with a case number. When I called the number back, I spoke to a representative/operator who spoke broken english, and was informed that all offices are currently closed and to call back on Monday. Being a little confused and awfully curious, I decided to call the number back from Jon's phone.

This is when the fun began.

The same person I spoke with previously when I had called from MY phone had answered my call. I immediately asked for his employee ID number and name so I may be able to reference this call in any future conversations. He didn't like that. He claimed he did not have an employee ID number and his name was Tammy. It took me about 5 minutes of repeating over and over why I needed his employee information before he gave me that name. Then I started asking if this was actually with the IRS and what exactly the voicemail meant, seeing as I haven't filed taxes this year and haven't reported my newest phone number as a form of contact. He then asked me for personal information - social security number, full name, phone number, etc. I explained to him how I did not feel comfortable giving out my information unless I was able to have his employee ID number. I also explained how EVERYTIME I've dealt with the IRS, they were able to provide me with that information instead of refusing to do so and claiming that they do not have employee ID numbers.

After calling this guy out, he then started asking if I was calling from a home phone or a cell phone. I told him that I was calling from my primary phone, the only phone I have. While explaining this, he heard Jon and Brandon laughing in the background and requested to speak with my husband. I stated that the call I received was regarding MY tax information, not my "husbands", and that where I live, women have the right to speak about their own business, have rights, etc. He then proceeded to ask me if I had a red button on my phone, and tried to convince me to press it. I asked him why and he wouldn't explain why. I told him that it would end the call and inquired as to why he was not able to press his red button. He then stated that he does not have one.

This is where he fucked up.

The first thing that popped into my head was to put on the most obnoxious song ever on repeat and leave the phone next to the speaker while I go about my nightly routine. I decided to see how much farther I could push this guy before I decided to ruin his night. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He proceeded to put me on hold, and then picked up the line shortly after pretending to be a woman named Tamica. I decided to play along and ask the same questions I had been asking, employee ID number, etc. Tamica informed me that she is the supervisor and does not need one. So I asked to speak to Tamica's supervisor. I was put on hold again. Then, to my surprise, I was transferred to the mother fucking president of the United States of mother fucking America. Though the call dropped within a few minutes of speaking with Obama, he was courteous enough to call Jon's phone back. And has, a few times, which has been nothing more than pure hilarity.

So here you guys go. It's definitely worth it.

 Dec 12th, 2012