Dialed 1 at 760-526-8572 NO4 to stop calls, did it 5 times, because they kept calling. Then minutes later received a call from Massachusetts 978-445-4422 did not answer. then 10 minutes later Health Care 202-495-7120. That proves my theory: press to remove from our contact list only causes more calls.
What the F__k
 May 12th, 2010
This is a place of business and this number comes through regularly and sometimes even trying to send a fax. No one says a word when you pick up the phone. If I do not pick up it goes into voicemail, but there is never a message. This has got to stop because it is so annoying when we are very busy.
 May 12th, 2010
ive asked them to stop calling but they wont
 Apr 09th, 2010
Called at 8:00 am (on the dot) no msg
 Apr 09th, 2010
2 calls on Saturday. 1 call today so far. 2:50 pm and 5:08.
Pamela B
 Apr 05th, 2010
I've had my new cell phone number for a month. Besides myself, only three people know it. I know I didn't give it out to a Health Care scam.
 Apr 03rd, 2010