americans for change,,,,,leave me alone .....
 Jan 02nd, 2013
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 Dec 19th, 2012
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I. - 9:11 AM 10/29/2012 #

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This Agreement is entered into as of this ___ day, of ____________, 20____ by and between

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 Dec 19th, 2012
Dec 13th...pathetic...still getting political calls, anti-Obama. We're also on Do Not Call list.
 Dec 13th, 2012
When the phone rings, I just look at the display to see who is calling. If I don't know the person/org calling, I just don't answer. Then I use the phone services part of my COX service to find out who is calling. If I still don't recognize the person/org, I just forget about it.

Works for me.
Jean Lockwood
 Dec 12th, 2012
They just don't stop - it's an election year, we all need to get whistles to blow in their ears!
Fed Up
 May 07th, 2012
Whoever it was was talking really fast and didn't sound like real English. I never talk to someone who can barely speak English!
 Oct 07th, 2011
2024706954 belongs to Americans united for Change, a PAC

PO. Box 65321
Washington, DC 20035


Tom McMahon
Interim Executive Director

Caren Benjamin
Deputy Executive Director

Jeremy Funk
Communications Director

Lauren Weiner
Deputy Communications Director

Shannon Williams
Office Manager
updater 1
 Jul 11th, 2011
How do these A$$HOLES get away with invading our privacy using automated dialers and recorded messages in violation of Federal Law prohibiting automated calling? The DoNotCall registry is totally ineffective. I have had dozens, if not hundreds, of these calls at all times of the day and night. Since it's a recording, there's never an option to request removal of your phone number.

I just got a $135.00 check from a class action lawsuit filed against Direct Capital Corp. If we could sue enough of these idiots in class actions, maybe these companies would get the message by having to transfer their financial assets over to us.
 Nov 18th, 2010
Called to promote Democrat Jon Testor voting for middle class tax cuts and against rich? tax cuts. Obvious.
P Anderson
 Nov 18th, 2010
These guys should quit calling me on the phone and stick to YOUTUBE where they have some really funny political videos:
 Aug 10th, 2010
Caller ID says CDA. A lady wanted to be linked to my congressmen to thank them for their vote on health care reform and for beating large insurance companies. I don't think so! She absolutely called the wrong number for that. When I asked her who she was representing, she started in to her long "talk" again. When I told her that I was against the reform, she tried to get out of the call I said, "Wait......." but she hung up on me. No objectivity there!
 Mar 30th, 2010
202-470-6954 - Just received an UNSOLICITED phone call from these morons called Americans United for Change. Never heard of them, never dealt with them before, and have never had dealings with them in the past. It was an automated call, which is ILLEGAL, informing me about a local politician and how he didn't vote for the way they wanted him to. Their pre-recorded message also offered NO options for an Opt-Out. This too is also illegal. Will be filing a formal complaint with the FCC and the BBB immediately. Clearly they feel that it's OK to call people to inform them about a politician who MIGHT be breaking the law or not voting the way THEY want him/her too, but it's OK for them to break the DNC laws? I think not.
 Mar 22nd, 2010
I got a recorded message - as soon as I heard the recording I hung up.
 Mar 22nd, 2008
Americans United for Change and Melissa Bean's Washington phone number.
 Mar 16th, 2008
Change = Propaganda, Be smart people, things are fine! Enron, War & China coming online with the rest of the world isnt hurting us. Just be smart with your hard earned money is all. Work diligently and be good to your neighbor is all you have to do! You wont like your change if you get it. You dont know what bad is, but you will if you CHANGE for the bad!
 Mar 14th, 2008
Americans united for change
 Mar 14th, 2008
Recording said it was from Americans United for Change, blah blah something about George Bush. When I call back it says the mailbox is currently full and cannot accept new messages.
 Mar 13th, 2008
losers just hang up. well spent money.
 Mar 13th, 2008
Caller ID said one on line....
 Mar 13th, 2008
party for democratic change obama out of washington d.c. i will vote for hillary if obama callers won't leave a message thats exactly what you'll get from him NOTHING!!!
 Mar 13th, 2008
Recorded message from Americans United for Change - gave their website ( and Kansas House of Representative Nancy Boyda's phone number.
 Mar 12th, 2008
received the call. hung up, and the message just kept going. now what would happen if i had to make a real call, god fobid call 911. i'm getting real tired of these call's. maybe one day it will be a real person, time for fun with them.
sir jim
 Mar 12th, 2008
California Dental Association? Nah, more likely College Democrats of America,
 Mar 12th, 2008
Got a call from something called CDA
 Mar 12th, 2008
Just got a call from this number, didn't pick up but caller ID says CDA
Kristin from CT
 Mar 12th, 2008
Don't know who this is - hoping you could help.
CT Guy
 Mar 12th, 2008