Mid Eastern accent working for OUR federal govt...yeah ok. they want money for a debt I dont owe or the government is taking me to prison. I had trouble with this earlier this year can't trace they jump cell numbers they hacked and got all my personal info off line and I had to close my accounts after it was popping up in IM chat windows across the world!! People called to let me know but not after fraudullent purchase were made on my bank account. So beware and dont answer or call back.
 Aug 05th, 2010
I got this number from my caller Id. I dont ever answer calls from out of state or from 1-800 calls. They usually mean no good. Either looking for donations or wanting someone to pay a bill. Or they are calling the wrong number and even though you tell them that it is the wrong number and that the person they are looking for is not living at this house then they still dont quit calling. I am soooo over this. I wish that the bill collectors or the people wanting donations would just give up once we say they dont live at this address. I wish the jerk that they were looking for would be found and forced to pay child support but that isnt happening so they wont be seeing their money either. Have a wonderful day.
Mrs High
 Apr 30th, 2010