Rec'd ph call from this # which originated from Washington, D.C. I called back and a woman answered with,"FTC." I asked her (using a heavy foreign accent, being very calm)why she called me and why did she call so early, being very persistent. She hung up on me. I called back and a man answered the phone. I asked the same questions and he told me I was a f--k--- b---- over and over while I kept asking why he called and why so early. He hung up on me. Then I called again with the same questions and he kept repeating, YOU F--K--- B-----, YOU F--K--- SL--! DO YOU LIKE SEX? DO YOU WANT ME TO F---- YOU IN THE ---? while I kept asking why he called so early and why did he call me. This kept on for at least 2 minutes. I wish I would have taped it because it was so funny. He finally hung up on me so I called back and v/m answered and I left a msg asking the same questions. Then I called back and the phone just kept ringing. If you have time on your hands re-dial these annoying callers and if you are able to reach an actual ph# and a live person, I heartily recommend using these tactics. Be sure to block their #s and your Caller ID. Remember to use a heavy foreign accent. If you know the phone # originates from a private residence it would probably be more effective if you called them late at night in their time zone. It is so satisfying and It really pisses them off!!! HA HA HA
 Mar 07th, 2013