Called to ask me to take a survey. Asked if I belived that marriage should be between an adult male and adult female. I said no, because I believe that marriage is between two consenting adults, and whatever they do is their business. If there are more consenting adults involved, and they all agree, then what harm are they doing to me or my marriage? I'm not going to take away their rights over some bogus claim that letting gays marry will ruin my marriage. If my gay friends want to get married, then I will celebrate because two people love each other and want to make their love offical.
Anyway, after I said "No", they said they were done with the survey, gave me an 888 number really fast and hung up. Wanted to get back to them to explain why I said no, but the 202 number always comes up as busy. Found out that it is run by some group called the National Organization for Marriage. In case anyone else wants to contact them too, the phone number which sorry is not toll-free, is 609-688-0450, and they have an email:
 Apr 14th, 2009