This person also called me from a Florida number, 850-454-1729. Called several times. No one said anything, and no recording. I looked the number up on Reverse Phone Detective. I said the call originated from Pensacola,FL, under a Paete Starnet. I am currently on the "Do Not Call List".
 Feb 07th, 2011
The reverse phone look up said the phone number is unpublished in Westchester, DC. I have the unsolicited feature on so maybe they just hung realizing they might be charged. Phone only rang once, but it was enough to register on the caller ID.
 Jul 08th, 2010
Call from a socialist-communist party Number si a washington DC #
john gadd
 Jul 04th, 2010
Pre-recorded message reminding one to vote (early) in 3/2/10 Dem primary.
 Feb 19th, 2010
This is a Voip phone number.

Starnet is a Voip company that was taken over by another phone company, Paetec.

Please note, it's just the name of the phone company, they are NOT the guys calling you.

Just as you probably have phone service from ATT or Verizon or Qwest, etc.
 May 09th, 2009