a women called this morning and left message that they were the IRS and that they would be filing a lawsuit on us. last year we got a call but it was a man who did not speak very good English
 Dec 10th, 2015
The person on the other end of phone spoke very broken english ..... could not understand me and kept asking how he could help me... Until I said .. "You don't even know who you called do you ??" ...... Next thing I heard was click .. he had hung up on me.
 Nov 25th, 2015
I called these guys back after they called me with the IRS threat an told them that on the Net they are scammers. Of course they blatently denied being scamnmers and that they were the IRS! Given that they call me with this threat I'm going to call thwm every chance I get ...
 Nov 25th, 2015
I didn't answer this call, but a message left by a recording states the IRS is starting a lawsuit against me... Oh my, I am so scared... Don't these spammers know that the IRS don't place calls like this. LMAO!
 Nov 24th, 2015