this is a huge scam and the numbers they are showing on the caller ID are not real
 Jan 09th, 2014
This person called telling me I won a $9000 grant. I played along. He read back an address to me that I lived at a couple years ago for "verification". He told me to go to the nearest Western Union with a cell phone and call him from the parking lot and he would walk me through the process to get my "grant". I started laughing and said "OK... sure Ill play along" Instantly he started yelling "You MF'r, you think this is a joke. I have people all over the country. I can have you dead by tonight." I then said. "OK.... Im waiting." He then said "Oh,your are a tough guy.... keep laughing. You are laughing at the wrong people." THen he hung up. I called back but as soon as he heard my voice he hung up again. Very strong east Indian style accent
 Sep 21st, 2013