Caller states that I have been selected to receive a Government Grant of $9000. They wanted to know how I wanted to receive the grant; by Western Union, my bank information or debited to my bank card. I hung up on him and he called back telling me to kiss his a**. Then he called back five times in a minute and a half. I heard background noise as well similar to that of a call center. Calling back it is an attorney's office in California, who informs that he did not call and he did not request that you call this number.
Steve M. from Maryland
 Aug 21st, 2015
Some dude with a foreign accent informing me that my name has been randomly selected by the Department of Treasury to receive a "ransom" of $9000. He then asked for my mailing address.

My phone does this weird thing where I have to say something to "activate" the connection, then pause and say something again so the other side can hear me. During this interval, I was able to hear laughing and joking around between the caller and someone else, probably his cubicle-mate. (Background noise similar to that of call centers was heard throughout the call's duration.)
 Aug 21st, 2015
I could hear noise in the background, other voices, for a brief moment, but no one actually said anything on call.
North Carolina
 Aug 22nd, 2014