Its a scam don't fall for it
 Dec 07th, 2010
someone from this number called in the morning for my husband saying he was selected to receive $5000 grant money from the US government. they asked for his birthday. my husband would not give it to them and said he'd have to call them back. they gave him a code and then said that he would have to call back and give the code.

i called back for him. the phone rang for a very long long time - no automated message popped up, as one would expect from calling an official government number. the lady on the phone asked for the number and i gave it to her. then she asked for the name on the account. i would not tell her, and instead asked what agency she was from. she said that she was from the Government grant department.

i then asked her where she got his information from and she hung up on me. i tried calling back several times to see what would happen and the line would ring and then go to busy. like my husband thought, this must be a SCAM!
 Nov 12th, 2010
I received a call from a "Jennifer" stating that I have been chosen along with 1700 people from my area, to receive $5000.00 in grant money. She said she was from the US Government Grants Department. She questioned me about my personal information that she already had and said I was chosen because of a survey that the government did. I dont recall ever participating in any government surveys so I asked how they got my information and if they had my informatoin why they needed the state that I lived in. When I asked this question she acted like she didnt know what I meant which made me more suspicious. I asked her how I know that this wasn't some sort of a scam and she then handed the phone off to a male. He said his name was "Steven" and that I just needed to call the phone number that they previously gave me and asked me to verify my state of residence. When I asked him to give me the name of his company he insisted that I call the number he provided. I looked up the number on the website and nothing came up for the number. I then called the number and got a voicemail that said "the person you are trying to reach is unavailable". I tried again and someone picked up but didnt say anything. I tried a 3rd time and someone answered "hello?" ummm, "Can, can I help you?". It seemed to me like the person who answered the phone wasn't sure what to say and stammered and stumbled. Once I said "hello, who is this?" they hung up. All 3 voices had an accent like they were from another country but had traditional "American" names, which was also a red flag, however I was never asked for any credit card, bank, or social security information. I am sharing this story in hopes that it helps others to beware of scams and to not give out your personal information without checking out the source first.
 Nov 01st, 2010