sleazly stock broker
big man
 Feb 02nd, 2012
It was Barack Obama calling claiming that he was a true American. I said, "WTF, you weren't even born here let alone have you ever behaved as a true American... more like a freekin Communist, Marxist or anything but an American." He said, 'Oh, sorry... I thought I was talking to some dumbass democrat." I told him to have Michelle grab him by the ears and sit on his face again until he gets it right.
Crank Shifftuh
 Sep 02nd, 2011
This was a call directly from Michelle Obama. She was calling to apologize for sitting down too hard to eat her $2500 lunch at Martha's Vineyard the other day. She realized that you can't set down a ginormous azz like that too quickly without causing an earthquake. She said that she would raise some money to repair the monuments in DC that were damaged.
Kundt LeCure
 Aug 25th, 2011