i missed the call and called back the message said the application you requested is not available my caller id says out of area4-30-2014
 May 02nd, 2014
Political robo-survey call. No biggie! (at least it wasn't someone trying to sell me siding!) I kinda enjoy these type of calls! They're easy!
 Nov 03rd, 2012
Demoncrats pretending to be republicans, so you get upset
Micro Manager
 Oct 31st, 2012
Fake call from Hattie Jackson
 Oct 31st, 2012
did not lv msg. Problem with DNC List is politicians exempted themselves and not for profits.
 Oct 29th, 2012
I'm On the Do Not Call Lest
 Oct 29th, 2012
Your goin' down, Mitt!
Mr. Democrat
 Oct 29th, 2012
Another research/polling group for one of the campaigns. BTW- those of you who say Romney is a crook, remember that Nobama stole $700 billion from Medicare and stealing money from the Health Insurance (Tricare) funding for military retirees to fund his ObamaCare law. Now that's stealing! The next time Nobama says he supports he military and Veterans, remember that if his lips are moving he's lying.
Ed M.
 Oct 29th, 2012
Another research/polling group for one of the campaigns. BTW- those of you who say Romney is a crook, remember that Nobama stole $700 billion from Medicare and stealing money from the Health Insurance funding fir military retirees to fund his ObamaCare law. Now that's stealing!!!
 Oct 29th, 2012
Are the political wastes of life from both parties so sure that I don't want to talk to them that all such calls come up as "unknown name", "blocked number", "restricted", or the like? Then they don't even leave a message, which tells me that they didn't even have anything important to say.
Scott Albers
 Oct 29th, 2012
Enough already! I'm going to vote for the party the annoys me the least!
 Oct 24th, 2012
opinion poll. called back 15 seconds later, and # is out of service
 Oct 22nd, 2012
this # keeps calling here & never leaves a message. mormonism is not by cup of tea. his son should come out of the closet & get punched in the face instead of crying the President called his daddy a liar. MORONS!! ROMNEY & HIS FAMILY SUCK!
 Oct 19th, 2012
Used to get calls from this number and they said they were "Independent Voter Research". Now they claim to be "Study America". Same clowns different name.
 Oct 18th, 2012
Another call from Lies Inc. aka Democratic party. Give me more money, I wanna spend it because you don't know how and I know how to spend your money better than you do.
 Oct 08th, 2012
Thankfully the election is almost over! These unwanted calls will stop for a few month at least. To bad the Do Not Call list does not cover political calls also.
 Sep 26th, 2012
How do I STOP the numerous calls from this number all times of day and night?
K Kessel
 Sep 24th, 2012
number is 202-367-9922 caller ID says hattie jackson washington DC area calling for romney republican crocks 2012-9-10 date leaves no message but continues to call all day, probably till elections are over.
 Sep 11th, 2012
Another call from Lies Inc. aka republican party
 Sep 06th, 2012
Was on the phone when this call beeped through. Caller ID said Hattie Jackson so I didn't pick up. No message.
 Sep 04th, 2012
Independent Voter Research (unknown) which is really the Romney Campaign Headquarters @ 866-540-3140. Details @
http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/na ... 5#ixzz24rx21ain
Jose Allende
 Aug 29th, 2012
Recieved call from Independent Voter Research (unknown) which asks 6 short questions about age, race, gender, and voting choice. The robocall ends with
Eliza Doo
 Aug 29th, 2012
republicrooks using out taxpayer $$ to bother citizens about voting for their crooked ASSES.
 Aug 25th, 2012
I hate these unwanted calls!!!!!!!! I don't answer and they do not leave any messages, LEAVE ME ALONE!!! DO NOT CALL REGISTRY.....how about doing your job!
 Aug 21st, 2012
Let Robme oops! Romney get his money from his big banking and oil buddies!If that sob thinks I would vote for a bastard that wants to take away my elderly mothers healthcare, he can go to hell!
 Aug 18th, 2012
Victory Rally for Paul Riley (VP running mate pick of Romney)8:30 am 2012 08 14
left on voice mail attached & sent by e-mail, E-mail subject line has phone # &"no name provided" as second line of Call ID

Missed Call e-mail notification eight minutes later says: DIST OF COLUMBI
(the last characters of line two of Call-ID are truncated). my number was called twice.

Luckily I have a better more desireable thing to do that morning ->

I had tooth #15 (12 yr molar upper L) prepped for a crown,
A newly graduated Dentist had prepped it--under the supervision of my dentist at the clinic. The finished crown came back from lab along with one for #14 (6 yr molar Upper L.)
There was some touch up preperation for impressions and having the dental lab have a "DO OVER" but Dr. Alberto S. DDS advised me that the tooth wouldn't last long with a crown (failure by breaking at gum line if I bit on something wrong 'OOPS'.


I'll be busy with something MORE PLEASANT at the same time the rally is held.

Modern Dentistry IS GREAT, all the rest of the teeth in my mouth are mine.
(wisdoms excepted)

I'll be back to eating & chewing normaly in less than a week.

Too bad that can't be said about the politicing stuff.

Mark Twain's quote about kinds of lies "...lies...d*mn lies...statistics..." could add
a fourth "POLITICS"

This sound like W C Fields:
(pause) (I) never vote for politicians.

(pause--business with cigar, hat, gloves, or beverage)

It only encourages them.

but I haven't researched it. Gr Uncle Jerry
Gr Uncle Jerry
 Aug 13th, 2012
Picked up phone. No one there. The number is now in my computer program PhoneTray Free which will answer this number the next time they call, give them a piece of my mind, and hang up. All that's needed is a Fax/Data/Voice/CallerID modem and the free program. Check it out at: http://www.phonetray.com/
 Aug 12th, 2012
Washington DC called, left no message
 Jul 09th, 2012
 Jul 08th, 2012
Called, stayed on the line, but refused to say anything. I repeatedly said hello, who is this, what do you want...there was no response. This has happened multiple times.
 Jul 06th, 2012
Hung up
 May 08th, 2012
Monkey-looking humanoids must die! Shoe wearing flesh BLAH!
 Mar 05th, 2012
Called twice tonight within an hour.
Jessica Withers
 Oct 20th, 2010
It was a recording of Judy Baar Topinka recommending I vote for Mark Kirk for US Senate. Ironic that they're spoofing Caller ID with the name "Hattie Jackson" at the same time Congress is trying to pass a law to make Caller ID spoofing illegal.
 Oct 19th, 2010
call from "Hattie Jackson" It was a survey from NJ Republican party
rich p
 Oct 19th, 2010
No message, caller did not leave a message, ID gave Hattie Jackson as the caller.
 Oct 18th, 2010
Strategic Fund Raising - they say they do carities and political fund raising
 Feb 27th, 2010