I get calls from AICR at 202-367-9919 almost daily. I never answer these calls. I just let them rinbg out.
Bill Hammersley
 Feb 28th, 2012
 Feb 08th, 2011
That's a Washington DC based charity that calls itself the American Institute for Cancer Research. They claim to provide information on how diet, physical activity and weight management relate to cancer prevention. Charity Navigator gives them a one star rating with a score of about 29 out of 100, probably because they only spend about half of what they raise on their "mission." The rest goes to administrative expenses (AICR's president makes nearly a half million a year managing a staff of 62) and fund raising expenses, on which they spend about 25% of the ~$34,000,000 they take in annually. They raise most of their money by getting one of your neighbors to guilt you into contributing or calling you on the phone. You can't block them, either. I tried by blocking the first number they used, 202-367-9102, but they switched to this one. I suspect I'm on their "list" and that my neighbor put me there. Unfortunately, as useless as the federal Do Not Call list is, that doesn't even apply to charities. AICR claims to have an opt-out policy and I told the caller to opt me out when he called yesterday. We'll see.
 Jan 22nd, 2010
I have caller ID,I'm on the "do not call" list and I have an answering machine. The phone rings a couple times daily but they hang up before it goes to answering machine. Its really beginning to be classified as harrasing.
 Jan 09th, 2010
So AICR again. They also call me on 202-367-9102. It seems you can't get rid of these people.
 Jan 07th, 2010
I called 800-843-8114 and told whoever answered to take my name off their list. She took my name & number and said it will take abut 48 hours. Thanks to MBM and Tommy.
 Jan 05th, 2010
on 12/31 I called the 800 number, told them that I wanted off their list as well as telling them that most of the time there is no one on the line if I pick up. If they are a legit charity, they aren't getting their money's worth. I was told it would be removed. On 1/5 a call came in from the number again. I answered the phone by angrily stating that I requested that my number be removed from the list. After a pause a female said that she would remove it. We shall see.
 Jan 05th, 2010
Everyday at this SAME time 0815 I get this call. It is on their automated call system. I have filed with the do not call registry - they are violating a federal mandate for do not call telemarketers. That do not call registry is a scam. It doesn't work.
 Jan 05th, 2010
Calls from 202-367-9102, caller ID "Cellular Caller" are from an automated system at American Institute of Cancer Research. Call 800-843-8114 to be removed. Tell Herman that you will also report them as violating the NO Call List and for harassment!
 Jan 04th, 2010
It's been going on for over a month ... at least one call a day (frequently 5:00 P.M.), usually twice. They seem to specialize in Sundays!
Thanks for the tips below, I'll try.
CT Squee
 Jan 03rd, 2010
I don't recognize the number so I don't answer. Am sick of them calling I am on do not call why do they. I have no business with them.
 Jan 02nd, 2010
Has called at least once a day for past week. Called them back, pressed 1 and then option 3 and my number is supposedly removed.
Doesn't it cost them money to make all these calls. Some Charity!
 Dec 31st, 2009
Formerly received calls from same group (showed 'AICR' or 'Washington DC call' in caller ID). Now using cell numbers; assume they think we are more likely to answer a cell number but reality is if we don't know the number, we do not answer. They call 1-2 times a day; this one was at 8:52PM. They have never, ever left a message under any of the identities. Rings 3 times then hangs up when VM picks up.
 Dec 31st, 2009
I dialed the number below 800-843-8114 and they said they would remove my number in about 45 minutes. We shall see they have called several times a day for a long period of time.
 Dec 30th, 2009
The information below about calling back the number, pressing one and then after the recording starts pressing 3 to delete your phone number works! After you press three, you are asked to enter your phone number and then it is removed from the call list. Thank goodness. I will be sure to never donate money to this charity and will also tell others to exclude this charity from their donation list. There are many great charities who raise money without annoying people and deserve our support.
 Dec 30th, 2009
They call sometimes twice a day. Once I picked up and there was no one there. We're on the do not call list, but apparently it doesn't apply to charities. This is SO annoying.
 Dec 29th, 2009
I found another suggestion which I am passing on. File a complaint at the FCC:
WIRED TELEPHONE - Telemarketing calls (including Do-Not-Call) and prerecorded messages received on a wired phone - 'Abandoned Calls' ('Silent Calls,' 'Dead Air Calls' from a telemarketer) and 'War Dialing' received on your residential or business telephone

Good Luck
 Dec 29th, 2009
Same as everyone else. This must be a computer making these calls. I am going to forward these comments to the American Institute for Cancer Research and see if they can turn off this computer.
 Dec 29th, 2009
They have called daily for a LONG time! Never leave a message; grossly annoying and yes, I am on the NO CALL LIST. However, it does not apply to some people, unfortunately. Well, today I answered and said "WHAT DO YOU WANT; IT CANNOT BE IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU CANNOT LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE!" I then hung up! Stunned they were as well as speechless...LOL! Now, we will see if they understand that message, huh? I will try calling the 800 number recommended to stop these stupid calls...what do people not understand. I do not owe anyone money so was well aware that was not the purpose of a call. Talk about aggravating, to say the least!
 Dec 29th, 2009
Call 800-843-8114 and demand that they remove you from their call list. It takes about two days - but it works.
 Dec 28th, 2009
AICR calls at least once every day. Never leaves a message. This is pretty close to harassment.
 Dec 28th, 2009
Well I tried to delete my number and it said both times your entry is invalid.
 Dec 28th, 2009
Called several times. Did not answer, they did not leave message on machine.
 Dec 28th, 2009
It does work, just call the number back then press 1, after recording starts then press 3, to delete your number.
 Dec 28th, 2009
American Institute for Cancer Research
Gloria Downey
 Dec 27th, 2009
I have no idea who "AICR" is. They call every day, sometimes two or three times, and never leave a message. They stopped calling a couple of months ago because they never got an answer, but now they've started calling again. Does anyone know who these people are? (Obviously, someone looking for money, but who?)
 Dec 24th, 2009
Every year about this time they start calling, many times a day. It's annoying!!
 Dec 23rd, 2009
Thanks for the info on removing name and # from their call list. Gotta stop this type of calling; it amounts to harrassment....very annoying!
 Dec 21st, 2009
Time to stop this bull Sh**.
Dave G
 Dec 20th, 2009
Several calls a day. Caller is never on the line when you pick up - leave no message. I'm on the Do Not Call List and they continue to persist!!
 Dec 19th, 2009
Phone rings, but when picked up, there is no one on the other end.... VERY ANNOYING
 Dec 19th, 2009
I pick up and no one is there. They tie up our message machine, so no one can reach us even in an emergency.
Eugene Alderman
 Dec 17th, 2009
After researching calls from 202-367-9102 I found this site and read the information provided by the numerous posts. The information was very succint and valuable. I called and had my home telephone number removed as others indicated they did also. I am also on the do not call list but regretfully it does not include charities, political organizations, telephone surveyors, or businesses that you have a existing relationship with. Also as one post indicates, always check the validity and efficiency of a charity prior to donating.
 Dec 16th, 2009
They call and hang up 3 or 4 times a day.
 Dec 15th, 2009
This same caller ID shows up every week. This has been going on for months.
 Dec 15th, 2009
Same for us: Machine catches call; no message left. They have been calling once or twice a day for several weeks. We are on the do-no-call list.
 Dec 14th, 2009
Machine catches call; no message left. They have been calling once or twice a day for several weeks. We are on the do-no-call list.
 Dec 11th, 2009
AICR. machine caught it. no message.
 Dec 10th, 2009
i gotten a call from this number everyday for the last 6 days, when i answer they hang up.
 Dec 09th, 2009
They call constantly - everyday, even at 8:30 am on a Sunday. We are on the do-not-call list - why are they allowed to disregard this?
Robert Wallberg
 Dec 09th, 2009
Caller ID shows AICR. They call at least once/twice a day. No msg; no one on the line. Enough already!!!
 Dec 06th, 2009
This is "The American Institute for Cancer Research" (AICR)
Located at 6921 Georgia Ave. NW, Washinton, DC 20012
The web site looks like a good resource for a cancer prevention life style. If you call 202-367-9102 during business hours,
the answering machine will give you an option for them to take your phone # off their calling list.
Have a nice day.
 Nov 11th, 2009
Keeps calling me, no one there when I answer. Working on blocking now.
 Nov 09th, 2009
AICR shows up on the I.D. Public records show that the number 202-367-9102 has a listing of Yabu Hudson, 6921 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20012.
 Oct 24th, 2009
Said Hello three times and no answer.
Stayed on the line, listening to silence.
Then flashing beeps ("If you'd like to make a call, please hang up.")
Then I hung up.
Never got a response from the caller.

Called back from my cel, got their identification: American Institute for Cancer Research
Pressed 1, then entered my home phone to have it removed from their list.
Their recording says this may take up to 30 days, by law.
 Oct 22nd, 2009
call the number back and press 1 to hear more about company,then press 3 to have your number removed, I just did it I hope it works, will let you know if it don't
 Oct 22nd, 2009
they call up every night and there is no answer.
 Aug 22nd, 2009
They call 1x per day for the last week. I say hello. They hang up. How do I get them to stop calling me, especially late at night!
 Aug 22nd, 2009
When I answered the phone, no one was there.
 Aug 21st, 2009
called 8/20/09 at 1427 hrs.. calle id showed only CELLULAR CALL.
Wife answered and it was cancer place looking for money.
 Aug 20th, 2009
They have an 800 number you can call and have your name and phone number removed. It is 800-843-8114. At least they said they would remove me.
If not, I now have a number I can call to harrass them!
 Aug 20th, 2009
Apparently from the info I found, AICR stands for American Institute for Cancer Research,
and entering that as AICR 202-367-9102, it repeats that it is the above named institute.
 Aug 20th, 2009
didn't recognize # or name, didn't answer
 Aug 20th, 2009
Daily calls with no messages left, ever. Only thing that shows on caler ID in Cell Call
 Aug 18th, 2009
 Aug 18th, 2009
 Aug 18th, 2009
Also get related calls from 202-367-9002.
 Aug 17th, 2009
They must get paid by the call, not the answer. They hang up all the time. Call twice a day!!!!
 Aug 17th, 2009
They hang up when I (a man) answer. I suppose they are hoping a gullible woman will answer. They should be shut down.
Stevie B.
 Aug 17th, 2009
They call frequently. They called Sunday afternoon and hung up. Today I picked up the phone and told them, rather rudely, to take the number off their list, and they hung up. We'll see.
 Aug 17th, 2009
Receive calls each day, multiple times, from AICR. We are on NO CALL LIST but still get many unsolicited calls every day of the week.
Susan Gravatt
 Aug 16th, 2009
I called the number back. when asked if I would "like to find out more about this company" I pressed "1" for YES, which led to the option to have my telephone number removed, by later pressing the number '3'. Hope it works. This company calls FREQUENTLY!!
 Aug 16th, 2009
these people call all the time. I never answer
 Aug 15th, 2009
AICR is the American Institute for Cancer Research with an aggressive and reportedly impolite fund raising program. As a charity they get a one star out of a possible four star rating. The President and VP command salaries of over $275,000 each. For a direct link to the Charity Navigator report see
 Aug 15th, 2009
 Aug 15th, 2009