Caller ID shows the name "SSI." Usually I am not home to get the call and they never leave a message, but today I was able to pick up live. Caller said he is with "First Media Services" and wanted to ask some questions about "home ownership." I asked them to explain more about the company and he said "most people have never heard of them and whatnot, but they are a legitimate company and whatnot." (Those were his exact words -- "whatnots" and all! SMH!) I asked where this company was based, and he said some town (I forget which) in Idaho. I asked him why his company name didn't match my caller ID (which says "SSI"), and he said it's because of the routing station they use. All of this sounds sketchy to me. I told him that I was not interested in a survey and asked to be removed from the call list.

Caller: SSI / First Media Services
District of Columbia
 Oct 12th, 2014
Part of an ever-growing onslaught of junk calls. Over the last month, I have added 20 calls to my "Block Call" list on my phone.
 Feb 05th, 2014