202-350-2307 just called our business a few minutes ago. The very second that we saw the Caller ID display (Washington DC), we knew it had to be one of two types of callers. It was either some scumbag politician trying to get our vote, or a scumbag telemarketer. Seems the NASA Settlement people (for just $89 application fee and $599 guest fee, you too can go into space!) were calling trying to scam us into giving them money to get a ride into space. While they were going through their little spiel, we loaded up the website http://chickenonaraft.com/ and then proceeded to put the phone near our computer speaker and let it play about 2 minutes before they hung up on us. Call us again and we just might load a soft core skin flick next time. (ಠ_ಠ)
Not Important
 Nov 20th, 2015