have gotten THREE CALLS for the past three days, but All from DIFFERENT EXCHANGES and numbers within the "202" (Washington, DC) area code.

202-391-0618 6:00 PM 3/25/13
202-370-7283 8:54 *AM* 3/26/13
202-350-0189 at 9:39 *AM* 3/27/13

I SINCERELY DOUBT this is "legitimate" but is LIKELY at BEST a TELEMARKETER and at WORST a SCAMMER who is POSING as "American Lung Association" using SPOOFED NUMBERS to gain sympathy and SCAM PEOPLE out of their credit card numbers, IDENTITIES and, at the very least, their TIME.
 Mar 27th, 2013
American Lung Association calls at least once a year, always on different numbers. They call almost every day and are now ringing before 9:00 a.m. and on Sunday. I have discontinued donating to this charity and have a friend who has done likewise because of their annoying calls.
 Feb 28th, 2013
Repeated phone calls that hang up when the machine picks up. Called at 8:01am in the morning and late at night. VERY FRUSTRATING!!
 Feb 28th, 2013
Caller id only showed the number. I answered, but heard nothing. (they hadn't hung up, though) I hung up on them when nobody spoke to me. I'm getting calls from similar numbers as well... their in for a surprise...I'm dumping phone service soon.
 Feb 25th, 2013
i got a call but did not answer
 Feb 19th, 2013
They want me to re-mail their fund raising letters to my neighbors. They had previously called twice before and always hung up when I answered.
 Jan 17th, 2013