Sep 26th, 2013
 Sep 26th, 2013
what do you want
 Sep 26th, 2013
When I answered with "Hello." There was silence for a few seconds and then a disconnect. It was almost like they were just confirming that this is a good number.
 Sep 24th, 2013
This was a robo-poll that was heavily biased for the Republican party. They asked "do you plan to vote for Mitt Romney... yes or no?" Then when I said yes to Obama they asked "would you say you might change your mind?" Then they asked if I thought Obama was wrong for apologizing for the US film that sparked protests in the middle-east, if I thought Israel was the USA's biggest ally in the middle-east, if I consider myself prolife, if I believe marriage should be between only one man and one woman, if I approve of the NRA's policies that grant the right to bear arms (their phrasing... not mine), if I considered myself a Republican or Democrat and there might have been one or two more questions. It was the phrasing of the questions and the prompts to answer that made it seem almost like a push-poll... like they were trying to bait me into a certain answer. Especially because they did not have a "no opinion" or neutral answer... everything was black or white.
 Sep 23rd, 2012
You and John also don't know how to ..... READ ..... BEFORE ..... YOU ..... POST .....
 Sep 15th, 2012
This is an anoying robo-call. I have signed up on the fed do not call list. Don't know how to stop these idiots
 Sep 15th, 2012
Mike Huckabee (who was he). How do I stop these calls!
 Sep 15th, 2012
They've called 4 times in the last 2 days. Leave a message "this is a public survey call; we may call back again"
 Sep 15th, 2012
Ah, yes, it's election time, and those area code "202" numbers descend upon us in droves. Your best defense is Caller ID. If you see a number you don't recognize or that looks strange, don't answer it. Let it ring itself out. Simple.
B. Collins
 Sep 14th, 2012
automated message asking me to checkout the radioshow for Mike Huckabee (
 Sep 14th, 2012
Penny, you have to deal with DNC exemptions individually and actually revoke permission to call you. You won't get anywhere with a ''harassment'' case until you do so via USPS Certified with return card and the call center fails to comply.

The DNC registry is a tool to help us enforce the Telemarketing Sales Rule without chasing down every sales caller. By definition it cannot cover a non-sales call, and that was not a product of government exempting itself as so many people claim.
 Sep 13th, 2012
Nothing ''happened to'' the federal Do Not Call registry. Something happened to either your attention span or your reading comprehension when you registered. The following is the FTC FAQ page which the DNC site prompts everyone to read. See items 28 through 32.

Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry
 Sep 13th, 2012
Please--how do I make these stop?? Four calls today, one Mitt Romney and three Huckabees. I know that politicians exempted themselves and "charities" from the do not call lists, but surely there is a point where it becomes harrassment? They have lost any consideration I may have had for voting for any of them after being tormented like this.
Penny E.
 Sep 13th, 2012
Mike Huckabee pushing the movie "Last Ounce of Couraage" What happened to the "do nit call" list????
 Sep 13th, 2012