This person calls frequently,I do not know who Robert H.Gray is.There is never a message.This is,very annoying.
 Jul 08th, 2015
I had the exact experience as the person listed below. I did not let them get to the point of telling me to send money. I could barely make out what the person was saying but he kept telling me he was in the United States. I don't believe it. I don't know why all of a sudden I am getting 2 to 3 calls a day from people like this. They are either trying to give me a fabulous grant or trying to sell me some great education package. This is on my cell phone also, not a land line phone.
 Jun 09th, 2015
I received a call from this number congratulating me on receiving a government grant. I said that it was too good to be true. I asked the man what company was he calling from and he repeated that he was calling from the US government. I asked what their website is and he gave me over to his "senior representative" who gave me web site www.usagovernmentgrants/personalhtml. This is what I thought I heard him say, although I was having difficulty understanding him due to Indian or other accent. I was transferred to a woman rep. who explained that I needed to pay $220 for my state tax on the $6700 grant before going to WalMart to pick up grant money. Once there they would reimburse me the $220 plus the grant money. I got irritated and asked why I needed to pay taxes if they had already stated grant was tax free. I told them that I didn't have any money. She quickly dismissed me and said "goodbye" It really is a scam and I hope that they find these people and punish them for trying to steal our money. They called me again about 15 minutes later from same number. They didn't respond when I picked up but, I said that I had already reported them. They did not respond. Thank you.
 May 18th, 2015
Keep getting calls from this number on a cell phone, but no one ever says anything when you answer.
 May 09th, 2015